slimKEYS 1.0.4

Create and use global hotkeys for the whole system

slimKEYS is a Universal HotKey Manager that monitors the global hotkeys of your choice, and informs hotkey handlers when their associated hotkeys are pressed. Each type of hotkey handler (also known as a hotkey provider) is a simple managed DLL implementing a few abstract classes.

The current version already comes with the following built-in plug-ins:


Change the current window's position, size or monitor location to any area of your choice. You can define multiple areas, each relative to any corner, side or center of any monitor.


Open applications, documents and folders, or find usernames and passwords, by typing a few letters from their name. Items are sorted by relevance, based on first letters of each word, consecutive letters, and previously used commands. You can also open those often used applications directly with a hotkey.


Change and display the volume level when you use your keyboard's volume control, or any other hotkey of your choice.


Quickly search on your favorite search engines, or any custom web sites.


Capture the image of any screen, top-level window, or child windows, simply by browsing target areas with the Tab key, moving to child windows with the numeric pad's Add key, and capture the selected area with Enter.


Paste text anywhere, making sure to remove any formatting, just as if you had copied plain text.



slimKEYS 1.0.4

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